Thursday, June 14, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - William H Gamble Death Certificate

William H Gamble is my great-great-grandfather (me ->my dad->Mary Dempsey->Amelia Gamble->William H Gamble). He was born August 18, 1872.  He married Eliza P Lahey about 1891.  They had three daughters, Mary Alice, Amelia Josephine, and Faith Dorothy Mildred.  They lived in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania.

Certificate of Death
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics

File No. 110204
Primary Registration District no. 02-41-21
Registered no. 216
1. County of Allegheny, Borough of Sharpsburg
2. Full Name: William H Gamble
a. Residence : 30 Bridge
3. Sex: M
4. Color: W
5. Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced: Married
a. Husband or wife of: Eliza P Lahey
6. Date of Birth: Aug 18, 1872
7. Age: 64 years, 3 month, 23 days
8. Occupation of Deceased: None
9. Birthplace: Penns.
10. Name of Father: John Gamble
11. Birthplace of Father: Penns.
12. Maiden Name of Mother: Alice Wise
13. Birthplace of Mother: Penns.
14. Informant: Eliza P Lahey (wife) 30 Bridge Street
15. Filed: Dec. 14, 1936 John L Huge?????????
16. Date of Death: Dec 11, 1936
17. Cause of Death: Cerebral Apoplafy?? Contributory factor: Myacardial Degeneration
18. No operation, no autopsy
19. Place of Burial: St Mary’s Cemetery 
20. Date of Burial: Dec 15, 1936

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